Vehicle maintenance, Herne

Vehicle maintenance

Stadler put the Herne maintenance support location into operation at the end of 2019. This is where Stadler will take care of the maintenance and servicing of the 41 vehicles in the fleet of the Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn over a period of 32 years on behalf of the Verkehrsbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR). 4000 metres of rails and 2600 metres of overhead contact lines were laid out over a total surface area of 65 000 square metres, and a washing plant, an underfloor wheel lathe and a 7100 square metre workshop set up, along with warehouse space and office workplaces. In addition to cleaning vehicles and performing preventive maintenance, in Herne Stadler implements all the supplementary corrective maintenance measures required, as well as carrying out accident and vandalism repairs and overhauls.


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