Discover the different types of vocational training Stadler has to offer, and browse the apprenticeships we have available. In Switzerland alone, Stadler is currently training more than 100 apprentices. Use the simple search function below to find an apprenticeship.

For apprentices

The dual education system is a Swiss icon, just like the Matterhorn, Emmental cheese or the crocodile locomotive. Stadler offers students all over Switzerland the chance to enter the working world, not just university-graduates, but also secondary school students, who can start an apprenticeship after completing the 9th or 10th grade. Stadler stands by this system and is actively making efforts to introduce it to markets outside Switzerland, such as the US and the UK. During your apprenticeship, you’ll attend vocational school two days per week, and spend the other three days at Stadler completing hands-on work on your project. All aboard!

  • Automation engineers develop and build electrical control- and automation systems. They manufacture, repair and commission automated apparatus and systems as well as creating technical documents about them. Automation engineers at Stadler work cross-departmentally together with other apprentices directly on the vehicles during electrical pre-assembly, assembly, construction or commissioning.

  • IT specialists develop, realize, install, test, operate and maintain IT solutions. Their tasks vary widely, depending on the specialization of their apprenticeship. IT specialists work in our internal IT-department cross-departmentally with other apprentices. Certain individual assignments abroad are possible. Good grades increase the prospects of a permanent position after graduating.

  • Apparatus engineers construct apparatus as well as entire systems out of metal. They manufacture separate components individually and assemble them. Often they accompany products from the design stage until their final assembly into the vehicle. Apparatus engineers work either at the steel- or aluminium workshop or in the assembly hall directly on the vehicles – not at the apprentice workshop. They work cross-departmentally with other apprentices. Good grades increase the prospects of a permanent position after graduating.