Reflecting on our FLIRT H2 World Record achievement

From its first public presentation at InnoTrans 2022 to becoming the world record train, Stadler’s FLIRT H2 has performed extremely well ever since its debut and has convinced customers with its innovative and reliable technology. Our FLIRT H2 is not a prototype, it’s the first hydrogen train of its kind produced for the US market.

We followed the team and the FLIRT H2 from the very beginning of the journey to achieving the world record title in Pueblo, Colorado, USA, last month for the longest distance travelled by a hydrogen passenger train without refuelling.

From early mornings to night drives and reaching exciting milestones along the way, this experience brought together our amazing team, who demonstrated great teamwork and perseverance. This achievement is a testament to the reliability of our innovative products and state-of-the-art technology.

Watch the documentary on our world record and experience the highlights: