Stadler trains are economical, based on state-of-the-art technology, and ensure maximum comfort for passengers. Our high-speed and intercity trains, suburban and regional transport trains, light rail vehicles and trams offer ground-breaking performance, reliability and safety. Our product portfolio includes modular vehicle concepts, tailor-made vehicles and a full range of services. Worldwide, around the clock.

Modular vehicle concepts

Our innovative modular vehicle concepts are our answer to the challenges presented by incredibly rapid developments in the rail industry. Stadler offers at least one modular range of vehicles with short development times, a high level of efficiency and outstanding flexibility for every market segment.

Tailor Made

Every customer has individual requirements. We meet them with our tailor-made vehicles. Our company’s history started with producing individual vehicles and small-batch series. We are engineers to the core, and can draw on 75 years of experience and expertise to meet all of our customers’ specific wants and needs – and always with the flexibility and speed that only a family-owned business can guarantee.


A passenger carriage has special tasks and requirements to fulfil. We build a wide variety of custom carriages that leave nothing to be desired in terms of interior design, air-conditioning and technology.

Rack-and-pinion rail vehicles

We remain the world’s leading manufacturer in the rack-and-pinion rail vehicle industry. Our lightweight vehicles are equipped with a variety of rack systems, drive systems and track gauges so they can handle extreme landscapes and gradients.


Railway companies have been enjoying the advantages of our tailor-made locomotives for over 50 years. We provide the high degree of flexibility that it takes to meet the special requirements – rack-and-pinion and adhesion – of the construction industry, shunting vehicles or combined-use routes. Since taking over a locomotive plant in Valencia, we also offer modular vehicle concepts in the field of locomotives.


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