The KISS160 is a double-decker regional train. It gets its name from the German for comfortable innovative speedy suburban train. As a regional train with a high passenger capacity, the KISS has been deployed between western Europe and the Ural Mountains since 2010 – and is set to take to the rails in the USA soon too.

It is a double-decker train with high, scalable seating capacity and it is lightweight and energy-efficient with its stable, torsion-resistant aluminium car body. Designed as a regional train with double doors to ensure quick passenger flow, it can be designed to run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h. Trainsets of between two and eight cars are possible in standard and broad gauge, with seating for up to 1000 passengers depending on the design of the interior. The interior of the KISS can be customised very flexibly to reflect customers' individual requirements.

Stadler received the first order for KISS double-decker trains from SBB in 2008.