Revision of complete components from Stadler and third-party vehicles increases operational safety, availability and value retention. Bogie revision work (incl. gearboxes) is carried out for you by specialists in the three Bogie Revision Competence Centres (BRCC) in Frauenfeld (Switzerland), Schönwalde-Glien (Germany) and Szolnok (Hungary). In addition, Stadler can overhaul large components for you such as couplers, HVAC, pantographs, air compressors and doors.

Bogie Revision Competence Centre (BRCC)

Stadler’s three Bogie Revision Competence Centres (BRCC) are strategically located throughout Europe. They work closely together to guarantee the highest standard of work. As they are all equally equipped and their employees benefit from the same training, they can coordinate their services to ensure that our customers’ bogies are reworked as quickly as possible. The BRCC carry out the following work:

  • Complete disassembly and assembly using refurbishment stands    
  • Blasting and coating of small and large parts    
  • Small mechanics    
  • Mechanical machining of wheel sets    
  • Wheels    
  • Brake disks and shafts    
  • Pressing and balancing of wheel sets    
  • Bogie tests on a pressure stand    
  • Final inspection in the working pit    
  • Major and minor gearbox revisions

Component overhauls

At Stadler, work can be carried out to revise and repair pantographs and to inspect air cylinders, air-conditioning systems, sliding steps, brake panels, air compressors, couplers, compressed air systems, mobile water vapour extinguishing systems, axle sensors, smoke detectors, Pixy displays and fire alarm systems. Our experts are all-rounders and in most cases also maintain trains under full-service contracts.


Technical upgrades for interval extensionimprovements
Latest modifications during overhauls
Short lead times
Fast and reliable
Partner network
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