• Scheduling & project planning
  • Migration
  • Assembly
  • Safety checks
  • Training & further education

Scheduling & project planning

In the pre-project phase, Stadler helps its customers to set out their basic requirements, then works out various possible solutions for their project. This allows Stadler to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of different options in terms of functionality, costs and approvability and to assist customers by providing comprehensive know-how in an advisory capacity.

  • Pre-project
  • Construction project
  • ZBMS rollout
  • Planning approval procedure
  • Site management
  • Client representation


Migration paths are always customised solutions that describe the path from the current legacy technology to the desired automated and digitised target state. Whether to act as interfaces between different relay technologies or proprietary electronic controls, to supplement legacy technology with ATO (Automatic Train Operation) or to gradually introduce driver’scab signalling: legacy systems can be supplemented with modern technology step by step using parallel equipment. Stadler understands its customers’ concerns and is able to present a safe and approvable solution for the world of safety systems.

  • No platform solutions
  • Customised migration and strategy
  • Parallel equipment on vehicles and tracks
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Suitable for a broad product portfolio


Stadler offers a wide range of products and services in the field of production and assembly, be it through the production of its own electronic interlocking systems or with assembly or wiring services. Stadler assembles the interior and exterior systems on a turnkey basis from A to Z.

  • Assembly and site management
  • Material procurement and logistics
  • Cabinet production for electronic interlocking systems
  • Interior electronic interlocking systems
  • Interior relay interlocking systems
  • Exterior systems

Safety checks

Stadler knows what matters when it comes to safety. Thanks to the in-depth expertise and broad experience of its experts, Stadler is able to identify and assess the risks of customer projects. This enables Stadler to offer planners, system manufacturers and operators a highly professional, comprehensive service, thereby ensuring safe systems and safe operations. The independence of its experts is guaranteed at all times by process-oriented handling of orders.

  • Expert appraisals
  • Putting into service
  • Works testing
  • Commissioning
  • Type approval
  • Verification and validation of new developments

Training & further education

Stadler’s training courses provide exclusive expertise of direct practical relevance from experienced experts in various subject areas. Stadler experts are on hand to answer customers’ questions.
A professional course structure is guaranteed thanks to SVEB-certified instructors.

  • General principles of railway safety
  • Electronic interlocking systems
  • Relay interlocking systems
  • Train control and control technology systems


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