Stadler wins in Finland: 60 locomotives from VR Group

Finland´s VR Group and Stadler have signed a contract for the supply of 60 new diesel-electric locomotives to improve the operational efficiency in marshaling yards, freight terminals and on non-electrified lines which make up 45 percent of the Finnish rail network.

The contract signed by Rolf Jansson, CEO VR Group and Iñigo Parra, CEO Stadler Valencia, includes the supply of 60 diesel-electric locomotives and an option for up to 100 additional locomotives, as well as the possibility to buy locomotive maintenance from Stadler. The contract’s value is approximately 200 million Euro.

The new central-cab locomotives can be used as shunting locomotives and for hauling freight and passenger trains in single and multiple traction (up to three locomotives).  In addition to improving the efficiency of shunting work, they will boost operations on non-electrified railway sections. According to the contract, the first five locomotives are expected to enter into service in 2022, and the remaining locomotives will be gradually delivered until the end of 2025. These new locomotives clearly outperform the old diesel locomotives to be replaced in terms of emissions, energy efficiency, innovation, safety and reliability.  

The top-of-the-line locomotives are fitted with radio control equipment and ETCS Baseline 3, with the local STM ATP safety system and the latest generation of vehicle control system including remote diagnosis features. An efficient AC traction system with one inverter per axle provides better adhesion performance. They have a maximum starting tractive effort of 346 kN and can reach a top speed of 120 km/h. This makes them capable of hauling a two thousand ton train.

Stadler has well proven experience in customizing locomotives for the demanding climatic conditions in Finland. The locomotives will be manufactured to withstand the effects of the snow and ice and to operate at temperatures as low as -40º Celsius.

Iñigo Parra said: «We are proud of having been selected by VR Group as supplier for the new multipurpose diesel locomotives for Finland. This represents a major milestone for Stadler. It strengthens our position in the shunting segment, a market niche, which is expected to grow considerably in Europe in the forthcoming years. This versatile vehicle will be designed principally for yard operations as well as for hauling freight trains in main lines, in an efficient and reliable way under extreme temperature and weather conditions.»

Rolf Jansson said: «This investment shows VR’s commitment to improve the quality of customer service in freight traffic and provide our customers with environmentally friendly and energy efficient transportation service. Stadler was selected as supplier after a thorough tender process and we are confident that they will deliver the high quality locomotive VR and our customers are expecting.»