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The European Commission is striving to achieve even greater safety and quality in rail transport. In order to achieve this goal, the Commission has added some fundamental concepts to the responsibility regulations for the maintenance of rolling stock. Since June 2022, the relevant railway companies and holders of rail vehicles must be able to demonstrate an Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) certified in accordance with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/779.

Stadler meets the high requirements needed to act as an ECM and is certified according to the new European regulation. This allows our customers to benefit from extensive know-how in the maintenance management of rail vehicles. We have a central competence centre to carry out and coordinate the processes of ECM functions 1 and 2. Our ECM 3 and ECM 4 functions are decentralised to the locations.

By taking on the role of ECM, Stadler offers an innovative solution concept and can vouch for safe technology and operation over the entire life cycle of the vehicles. We guarantee maximum availability and reliability of our customers’ fleets.


Broad know-how
Maintenance management of rail vehicles
Central centre of competence
Implementation and coordination of the ECM 1 and ECM 2 processes
Large network
System provider and experience as a global maintenance service provider

ECM in Detail

Stadler fulfils the high requirements and is certified according to the new European regulation and can act as an ECM, Entity in Charge of Maintenance.

ECM is divided into four functions:

You can find more information about Stadler’s ECM services here.


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